5 Reasons why you should hire a Designer for your next big Presentation

So you have this big presentation coming up. Stakes are high: you might be on the verge of your next big investment from a VC, getting buy in on your next big game-changing business decision, or just speaking in front of a room full of people you know you want to impress. You think you might have all the pieces in place, but something tells you that your presentation needs to go the extra mile. What kind of help or resources do you need and where can you find them?

Whether you’re new to presenting or a well-seasoned speaker, we can all likely remember a time when we had to sit through a presentation that was either confusing, irrelevant, or just outright boring. We become distracted, disengaged, and might even leave not remembering a single take away. This is a presenter’s nightmare.

Here’s 5 reasons why working with a designer to craft your narrative, visual language, and communication strategy will help you, your presentation, and your business thrive with more gusto.

1.Yes, first impressions are important. We all know that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But in the case of presentations, the “cover” (meaning the introduction) is the hook. You’ve only got one chance to make a good impression. You want to tell your audience why they need to listen to the value you are presenting. This is also an extension of your personal and professional brand, and how you want the world to see and respond to your presence.

2. Cookie Cutter Templates are obvious and bland. It’s no secret there are thousands of plug and play templates out there. But the easy way is not always the best way. Your audience may be people that have seen hundreds and thousands of presentations, a lot of them probably pulled straight off the internet. (in the startup world, this is most definitely the Airbnb pitch template.) Your business is unique and different. So why should it look and feel like someone else’s presentation?

3. Attention to detail gives a sense of credibility and professionalism.
Design as it is understood by the masses is a purely visual craft. However, it plays a larger strategic role in helping to guide the audience’s understanding of a narrative, and to help them arrive to a conclusion that the presenter has set out. Design is a series of calculated and conscious decisions that support or drive to the end outcome. And we live this definition out by showing our clients all these fine details in the final delivery stage.

4. Get your precious time back. If you’re an entrepreneur, startup founder, or professional speaker, you’ve probably got a long list of To Do’s sitting on your desk right now. The time and effort it takes to make a really great presentation eats up your resources that could be allotted to other equally or more important tasks, like finding your customers or improving your product. Entrusting a professional to do the heavy lifting ensures that you can spend more time on cultivating the things that your business is actually built on.

5. Get an unbiased, third person perspective during a practice run. Your business is your baby, so the way that you hear your presentation may carry differently than you would expect. You’ve probably presented in front of many family members and friends before, all of whom are just excited for you, and won’t give you the feedback you need. With us, you will get the honest and constructive feedback on your content, narrative flow, and stage presence that will take your presentation to the next level. We will also give you tangible tips in real time on how to keep your authentic self front and center.

We hope these 5 reasons will help you get started on considering how a presentation designer can help add value to your next big presentation. Let us know of any additional reasons why designers should be included in the presentation planning and development process! Subscribe to our feed, or head over to our website to get more articles on presentation design and tips, as well as communication and visual strategies to improve your decks.



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